The Best Programs and Activities for Your Budapest Vacation

Here is our ultimate guide if you want to experience all the best Budapest has in store for you!

You may come for a weekend or for a whole month, you won’t get bored in Budapest! This beautiful and fascinating metropolis in the center of the Pannonian Basin (sometimes called Carpathian Basin) has wonderful architecture, fascinating history, and thrilling activities everywhere. Here below you can find what we think are the must do activities to get the most out of the city and its culture. If you decide on one of them we advise you to also check out Budapest Cards as it gives you huge discounts at various operators.

Danube River Cruise

Of course the first must be a cruise on the Danube! Some say that you cannot really see Budapest if you haven’t seen it from the river, with good reason. The city was developed along the banks of the Danube centering its precious architecture around this well navigable river. Depending on what time you choose for your cruise you can see the sunny colourful city or the dazzling night lights dressing up the already pretty bridges and buildings. If you decide to take Hungária Group’s offering you can also experience the renovated Gróf Széchenyi boat, one of the last iron paddle wheel ships still in use. We promise it to be a truly unique experience!

Hungarian Food and Pálinka

If you have talked to a Hungarian they have probably mentioned Pálinka. Hungarians are very proud of their national drink, which was usually made at home from the fruits grown around the house. Nowadays Pálinka has become the territory of high competition among big distilleries all around the country. Pálinka Experience in the heart of Budapest aims to give not just an introduction but a deep understanding of the depths of Pálinka to visitors. It is a combination of restaurant, museum, and bar, with an interactive permanent exhibition giving a walkthrough of pálinka’s place in culture and history. After learning about the drink you can also try one of the more then 200 options in stock, carefully curated by their team. You can even find specialties that would blow Hungarian visitors away as well, like rowan pálinka. Recently they have started offering traditional Hungarian dishes, which not only go well with the taste of pálinka but also help with the hangover!;)

Discovering the Jewish District

You might not know this, but Budapest is also home to a big Jewish population! If you walk in Budapest you will definitely run into synagogues, memorials, religious schools, and other institutions serving the community. As a tourist we advise you to check out all the beautiful buildings but also to take the time to learn about the history of Hungarian Jewry. Through a walking tour you can visit all the most important points of the Jewish district, which during the Second World War housed the Budapest ghetto. Our expert guides will really give you an in-depth picture of the history of the community. Afterwards they will take you to some of the biggest and most beautiful synagogues in Eastern-Europe, and you can even try some traditional Hungarian Jewish dishes. Trust us, this one is a must do!