Pub Pass: The Bar Crawl Tour

Welcome to the revival of a classic experience, now more exciting than ever before. Our tour brings you the best of Budapest’s drinking culture, packed with history, surprises & unforgettable moments.

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Pub Pass: The Bar Crawl Tour

The Only One of Its Kind: Our tour is not just another bar crawl; it’s a journey through Budapest’s drinking history. We’ve reintroduced the experience with a twist you won’t find anywhere else.
• Fröccs & More: Indulge in the famous Hungarian “Fröccs,” enjoy a cold beer, and sip on a delightful cocktail. You’ll taste the diversity of Budapest’s drink offerings.
• Pálinka Tasting: Experience Hungary’s iconic spirit, Pálinka, in a memorable tasting session. Discover the secrets behind this traditional drink.
• Meet & Greet: Our bar crawl isn’t just a tour; it’s a social adventure. Make new friends and create bonds with fellow explorers who share your passion for discovery and fun. Meet people from all corners of the globe, fostering cultural connections that will last a lifetime. If you’re a solo traveller, this is your gateway to meeting like-minded travellers.
• Games and More: Our expert guides will lead you in entertaining drinking games, and share captivating stories of Budapest, from hidden secrets to historical anecdotes.

Surprise awaits: To add even more excitement, we’re keeping the end of the tour under wraps. Participate in our fun games and competitions throughout the journey for a chance to claim a special prize during our closing game. The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the better your chances!

• Night never ends: Don’t worry, when the tour ends, the night is just beginning. You can continue the adventure with your new friends as our guide leads you to a famous nightlife spot in Budapest.
• As a Bonus: All participants will receive a special discount on our other tours, such as a boat excursion or a guided city walk in Budapest. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
• New Beginnings: We’re back and better than ever! Our previous guests have loved it, and now it’s your turn!
Choose Local, Choose Quality: When you choose a local Hungarian company for your bar tour, you’re opting for an authentic experience. Our in-depth knowledge of Budapest’s hidden gems ensures an unforgettable adventure. We prioritize quality over quantity, tailoring the tour to your interests. You’re not just a number; you’re our valued guest. Discover Budapest the local way for a truly unique and personalized experience.

Don’t miss out on Budapest’s most unique and diverse bar tour. Book now to secure your spot and be part of an unforgettable experience. Cheers to new beginnings!

  • 4 different drinks at 4 different bars: a beer, an original Hungarian fröccs (wine), a cocktail and a pálinka shot
  • Young guide and host born and raised in Budapest
  • Drinking games with a prize (quiz)
  • List of the guide’s tips & favourite places
  • Entry to a club at the end of the tour

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180 minutes
Group size
Meeting point
1051 Budapest, Hild tér

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